World’s Best Office Team!

In the midst of much campus activity, we stopped this week to celebrate and show appreciation to our amazing office ladies.  Our star office team, Vanya Worley, Kim Huff, and Shannon Gossett, make everyday game day here at LME!  It’s true; these gals work as one well-practiced team with big smiles and thoughtful ways throughout each school day…no matter what!  This week, classrooms of learners, parents, staff members, and community volunteers have stopped by to say thanks, share treats, and give lots of hugs.

IMG_0074Today, the fifth grade team shared a special song with the group (and will repeat their performance tomorrow morning during Miller Rally!) as a musical tribute to Nurse and Cute-Tips (of which they participate each week).   Pictured are Dr. Garippa, Mrs. Huff, Mrs. Worley, Mrs. Gossett, Mrs. Gunter, and Mrs. Garippa.

Yes, we are blessed in so many ways everyday by our Miller Family…we remain incredibly thankful for the world’s best office team!

Note:  Don’t forget to join us this evening from 6:00-8:30 for the PTO meeting, Fine Arts Show and Gallery Walk, the Book Fair, Miller Ringers and Singers, refreshments, and so much more!