One Smart Cookie!

It’s simply no secret how much I adore a great cookie–making them, smartcookiebaking them, and especially eating them…and if chocolate is involved in any way, it’s a no-brainer!  🙂

So imagine my excitement when this precious jar of homemade chocolate chip cookies landed on my desk while I was out-and-about “doing some principal things” (as one learner noted).  A fellow colleague stopped by seeking some advice and we took a little walkabout to chat.  In the middle of our conversation, a little voice says, “Mrs. Van, I know you’re busy, but I forgot to stick this note on your jar so here you go!”  I smiled, got a big hug, and she was on her way again (with me not knowing exactly what jar she meant).  Back in my office, the cookies were waiting and everything fell into place.

One Smart CookieThis child’s special note thanked me for spending time these past few weeks with her as we talked, played a game, or ate some lunch together.  She’s new to our campus and her transition has been a challenging one at best.  During our first “meeting” we read the book One Smart Cookie by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (it’s part of a clever “Cookie” book series of “bite-size lessons on life”).  We’ve managed to read all the books during our time together and even talk about the “big vocabulary words in cookie terms.”  The last sentence of her sweet personal note was the best:  “Mrs. Van, thanks for always being fair and tough and really one smart cookie!”  Now you know why I love my work AND a really great cookie!   🙂

Note:  Speaking of “really smart cookies,” we have a building full of them at LME!  Our learners will showcase their amazing art skills this week in our annual LME Fine Show and Gallery.  Join us on Thursday, April 18 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. for refreshments, a gallery walk, the book fair, a PTO meeting, and performances by the Miller Ringers and Singers. 

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