LAUNCHing into 21st Century Learning

There was a dull roar coming from the 3rd grade wing of our campus yesterday afternoon.  The arrival of the newest cart of iPads was cause for great rejoicing.  Our own Amy Clark, third grade teacher, has been chosen by Midlothian ISD as a technology pilot classroom teacher to implement IMG_0014digital tools in a vastly engaging 21st Century way.  Fellow chosen pilot teachers along with Ms. Clark will help chart the course for developing digital classrooms across MISD in the months to come.

While the content of the coursework for these students will not change (we must teach TEKS and required student expectations), the manner in which Ms. Clark’s students access the information and construct meaning and mastery may look different.  Each student will use an iPad in class throughout the day.  While most of our children already do this outside the walls of the classroom, we will hopefully be able to match the level of technology possibilities within this classroom now.  This class will specifically rely less on print resources such as textbooks and worksheets and work more with digital tools (like their iPads) to enhance the education of each learner.  This is an exciting start and this class will set a new standard of expectation for years to come.

We are excited and proud to be a part of this incredible pilot project and look forward to the process and products these learners and their technology-fearless classroom leader share in the months to come!  🙂

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