Win some; lose some…

Here’s an intervention conversation from today:

  • Child:  I worked so hard last week and still didn’t make the team on Saturday.  That’s why I’m mad today and can’t do my work (as we discuss an attitude adjustment concerning school today).
  • Me:  I know you’re disappointed, but what matters now is where you go from here.
  • Child:  You mean like what I learned by not winning a spot on the team?
  • Me:  Exactly!  What will make you stronger next time?

This type of conversation with a learner brings the unique opportunitywinsome to share a life lesson along the way.  No one wants to talk about loss; let’s face it:  no one wants to lose!  Yes, sometimes we win and sometimes we lose; winning matters and losing matters.  In life, what really should matter most though is what we do with our wins and losses.  More specifically, wins and losses both provide exceptional learning opportunities while teaching the value of staying strong.

It’s essential to focus sometimes on the excitement of winning because there’s a fire fueling continuous improvement, passion, and the personal quest for excellence.  Just like a winning sports team, the members must go out week after week with the right mindset, desire, team effort, and determination to do it all over again.  This is a real challenge!

Likewise, when we lose, we should focus on what can be learned and how we can improve because of it.  Staying strong and working smarter is even more important for a come back and win the next time.

I think Jon Gordon sums up winning and losing best:  “No matter how hard we work and how much we improve, there will be times when we experience the worst of defeats instead of the greatest of victories.  Ultimately, life is about more than winning or losing.  Life is about the lessons we learn, the character and strength we build, and the person we become along the way.”  (Jon Gordon, The Energy Bus)

Whether we win or lose, I always encourage our learners to keep their eye on the ball because ultimately they are all winners in the game of life.  Stay strong because…Every Day is Game Day @ LME!  🙂

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