College Day dreamin’…

You’ve heard me remind learners time and again:  “Plan your work; work your plan; autograph your work with personal excellence daily.”  Having a plan and seeing College_Aheadit through is one of those life lessons no curriculum or state assessment can ever measure.  As part of our dream for our current learners, we always take a day (or more) to talk about college, sharing specifically about the importance of strong study habits, building team with school spirit, and other interesting details about higher education (the appropriate ones, that is!).  🙂  Even now, it is our hope our learners are encouraged to begin thinking about their future plans and expectations beyond high school graduation.

I know what you’re thinking though…why talk to a 5-year-old about college?  As a mom of two daughters (MISD grads) currently in college and graduate school, I speak from personal experience when I share it’s never too early to have these conversations, let alone to financially plan for this continuing educational journey (a topic of many other possible blogs, mind you!).  As with any future goal, we want to encourage our learners to aim high in order to achieve personal excellence.  As Coach Rogers tells our learners everyday:  “We don’t expect everyone to be the best; we expect everyone to give and do their best!”  Without dreams and leaps into our imagination, we lose the excitement of possibilities.  Dreaming is, after all, a form of planning.  Learning to work the plan at a younger age teaches the discipline and responsibility needed to succeed in life.  Higher education, in all its many forms, is definitely a “ticket to dreams” and Every Day Is Game Day at LME!  🙂

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