R Time is here!

It is indeed a blessing to have everyone back at school!  There’s a certain excitement in the air as we begin 2013 together.  Of course, children’s smiles, hugs, and “happy new year” sentiments ring clearly.  We are excited about this semester, new goals, and the educational opportunities before us.  As always, we will continue to do our best to ensure a safe, logo2caring learning environment with good communication and collaboration everyday.

There’s also another reason for excitement:  R Time is finally here!  R Time is a district and campus social education program we are implementing that is producing outstanding results in schools across the country.  R Time places the emphasis on effective, respectful, meaningful personal relationships achieved through random pairings.  R Time creates an educational environment supporting and enhancing positive relationships, good behavior, reduction of bullying, and strong citizenship.

Using common courtesy and good manners with each other becomes the norm (rather than the exception) once R Time is implemented.  Shy children find a voice and dominant children learn to negotiate and agree.  Bullies in particular discover a new way of reacting to classmates.  R Time makes a significant contribution in improving behavior, reducing bullying, building relationships, resolving conflict, building citizenship, nurturing emotional well-being, building trust, developing confidence, promoting decision-making, and improving communications skills for everyone.

There are six steps involved in each R Time lesson:  rule and instruction, random pairing of students, meeting and greeting, activity with pairing partner, processing and feedback, and conclusion with thanks.  These six steps are used in each lesson and become the foundation for all pairing interactions in R Time.

Greg Sampson, creator of R Time, uses his vast experience in working with children to focus on “old fashioned values and greater humanity” in the world today.  He states:  “Good behavior has its roots firmly established in healthy relationships; it is no surprise that a program designed to enable children to get along well with one another will reduce poor behavior dramatically.” Pete Harvey, promoter of the program, comments: R Time enables children’s dormant relationships to blossom and flourish with greater confidence across gender divisions, religious and racial boundaries, and dominant or passive natures.”

LaRue Miller Elementary is proud to bring R Time and its transformative impact on relationships to our students, staff, and families.  Please check out www.rtime.info for more specific information or feel free to call our office at 972-775-4497 to speak with our counselor, Mrs. Stanley, our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Bass, or myself.  In the meantime, be listening for your child and classroom teacher to share some R Time experiences with you soon…and welcome back!  🙂

Note:  Speaking of goals, we are talking about college tomorrow, so let’s see that team spirit in college gear! 

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