Somebody NOSE we SCENT them cheer!

It was Mark Twain who once commented:  “The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer somebody else up.”  Such is the goal today with a group of thoughtful learners who are making cards, decorating some candy cane reindeer treats, and wrapping up giftcards they are donating to local senior citizens.  You see, in place of purchasing each other gifts this year and sharing during their upcoming party, they are paying it forward to share with others.

While one group was working diligently on a certain task, an intense conversation about favorite holiday smells took place.  Of course, this led to our question today:  Of all the smells of the season, which one is your personal favorite and why is this smell so memorable to you?

As is expected during these chance classroom encounters, I was pressured to share my thoughts with the group.  Peppermint happens to be one scent in particular I cherish–its refreshing and exhilarating smell instantly takes me back to my grandfather’s office and his top right desk drawer where he always kept Bob’s peppermint sticks on hand (the soft, melting sticks).  My sister and I would race into his office (regardless of who might be present at the time), open the drawer, and grab one for each hand (his rule).  🙂

Whether you have a personal favorite seasonal smell or not, these learners and I challenge you today to be SCENTsationally aware of the holiday smells in your world…and don’t forget to share it with others along the way.  After all, as one learner noted:  “Somebody NOSE we SCENT them cheer when these goodies arrive!”  🙂 Yes, keeping Christmas throughout the year is good, but sharing it with others is even better!  🙂

4 thoughts on “Somebody NOSE we SCENT them cheer!

    • I have gone from “I like this ONE tea” to a rather embarrassing array of tea flavors. *laugh* You never know when you’re going to want a lovely burst of blueberry, or a smooth vanilla chai!

  1. I’m another peppermint fan! Celestial Seasonings does a decaf green vanilla peppermint tea called Candy Cane Lane which was my first tea. Every winter, I can’t wait for it to arrive in stores, and the smell makes me close my eyes and imagine snow and fuzzy sweaters and roaring fires every time. ❤

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