JOYful pearls of wisdom…

A 5th grade conversation went like this today:

  • Student:  Here’s question for you today!
  • Me:  Great!  Let’s hear it!
  • Student:  Do you have a favorite ornament that is dear to you, Mrs. Van?
  • Me:  You bet I do and thanks for asking!
  • Student:  Please write about it and send it to our class so we can grade your paper.
  • Me:  Sure ‘nough; consider it done!

Here’s hoping my writing passes their test . . .  🙂

One of my favorite words in the English language is “JOY.”  While happiness is wonderful, it concentrates more on a circumstance of life, a moment in time, or a specific situation.  Happiness is something we can achieve; JOY is something we are given.  JOY is unpredictable–it cannot be downloaded, legislated, turn on with an electronic device, earned, or even inherited…JOY is simply given to us.  JOY is a deep, soulful reaction bringing extraordinary delight to the receiver.

There is an ornament I keep close at hand all year (it hangs on my tree during the season, but is shown here on a sprig of rosemary–also from Granny’s original plant).  This little ornament proudly displays my favorite word, JOY, lovingly embroidered by Granny’s hand.  We had a conversation one day about the difference between happiness and JOY.  This special ornament was her way of always reminding me of her “JOYful pearl of wisdom” (she had a real knack for sharing lots of pearls of wisdom through the years!).  She told me if I was “ever to receive JOY in life, make a way for it to come to you…happiness is great, but JOY is the best gift ever!”  🙂

So, of course, here’s the question for you today:  Is there a special ornament you or your family treasures most and what’s the story behind it?  Here’s hoping you share a JOYful pearl of wisdom of your own this season!

2 thoughts on “JOYful pearls of wisdom…

  1. Hello! The parent of one of the girls who goes to school at LaRue sent me your blog with the certainty that I’d like it despite not being a parent OR an educator OR even living in Texas. As usual, she was right. *wink*

    Hope you don’t mind a random blog follower.

    My husband and I have picked up a single ornament every year that we’ve been together. Each ornament reminds us of an event from that year, something noteworthy and important worth remembering. Pets, new friends, education, marriage, travel … a single memory, frozen in time and pulled out each year to decorate our tree.

    Although each ornament is special in its own way, my favorite ornament is the carousel turtle. It stands for many things — the trip to the House on the Rock where I bought the ornament (and the friends that joined us), but most of all, it reminds me of the writing we focused on during that year, in a world where pirate cities drifted through dangerous oceans on the backs of steampunk turtles. It’s a symbol of our shared creativity, and everything about it makes me smile when I see it.

    • Many, many thanks for sharing your touching response! I’m honored to have additional blog followers–wow! This journey is amazing and incredibly cathartic in ways never ceasing to delight! Again, thanks for the beautiful story!

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