One Team; One Goal: Be Drug Free!

Our annual Red Ribbon Week is coming up next week, October 29 – November 2 here at LME.  Each day has a special team focus revolving around our campus sports theme this school year:

Monday, Oct. 29:  Team UP Against Drugs – Supporting each other is important for success; the more folks we have playing on a team drug free, the stronger our team will be!  Wear your favorite team jersey or t-shirt to show your team spirit.

Tuesday, Oct. 30:  Our Team Dares to Dream – Go after your dreams and don’t allow bad choices (drugs) to get in the way of achieving your goals!  Dress for your DREAM job and share your future goals.

Wednesday, Oct. 31:  Team Up with Good Character and Read – Reading helps you learn, helps you relax, takes you places, and gives you an alternative to taking drugs.  Having good character is doing the right thing when no one is looking because it’s the right thing to do.  It’s our annual Book Character Day at LME with our character parade and class parties.  Bring your book, dress as your favorite character, and share!

Thursday, Nov. 1:  We Support All Teams – Helping others is part of our team approach since our team is made up of many community members.  It’s important to look for ways to help each other because drugs will never feel as good as helping another person.  To support our Miller friend, Ethan L., we will all wear green (Ethan’s favorite color) and yellow (for childhood cancer).  Each grade level will also collect items for our local Manna House to help stock this important community pantry:

  • PK/KG = toothpaste
  • 1st = soap
  • 2nd = deodorant
  • 3rd = shampoo
  • 4th = combs/brushes
  • 5th = toothbrushes

Friday, Nov. 2:  Our Nation “TEAMS” With Pride – It’s important to be a part of Team USA and honoring our veterans is a Miller tradition!   Our 5th graders will present their annual salute to Veterans @ 8:00 a.m. in the gym followed by the Wall of Honor March.  Wear Red, White, and Blue to support our troops and pledge to be a drug-free citizen!

Making positive choices now and in the future will ensure success for each of our learners and help make our country the BEST it can be.  We look forward to a busy week and to everyone participating.  Every day is game day at LME with one TEAM and one goal:  Being Drug Free begins with me! 

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