What a day of learning!

Yes, it’s been a day of intense learning and my hair hurts!  Our Design Team spent the day in training with other MISD campuses talking about the design of student work.  It’s part of our Working On The Work framework for creating highly engaging and meaningful learning experiences for students.  We are blessed with creative, enthusiastic, and energetic leaders of learners who strongly believe in being creators of lesson design for success.

Tonight, we had over 200 parents and many teachers participate in our Parent Math Night with all six elementary campuses in MISD!  Ricky Mikelman, Math Consultant, answered important questions about ways to help your child at home with math, what to do when your child doesn’t know what to do, and how you can further investigate the concepts your child is learning in math today.  She noted, “The goal of math instruction today is to build math understanding students can take out into the world with them…after all, math is not just about right answers; it’s about exploring different ways of thinking.”  As she further commented, “If you teach a child to understand patterns and relationships, they can solve anything!”  BINGO!

I spoke with some students attending our math night too…they talked about the strategies they are using in classrooms across our district now with enthusiasm and excitement—I learned some new strategies this evening too!  As always, when you have questions about what we’re doing in math, please call and talk it over with your child’s teacher.  These are exciting learning (and teaching) times in MISD!

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