L-E-A-D…StuCo’s Here to Lead…Hey!  These are the words chanted as our LaRue Miller Elementary Student Honor Council (StuCo) shares their song.  We are blessed at LME to have student leaders who take their leadership role seriously.  They attended the TEPSA “Leaders-R-Us” StuCo workshop today in the MISD Board Room with campuses from six other school districts.  Midlothian ISD sponsored this annual event, thanks to the hard work of our counseling staff.  StuCo members spent the day learning, sharing, collaboratively planning, eating a “real” lunch, and look ahead to service learning activities for the school year.  Our caring counselor, Mrs. Stanley, is their campus sponsor, and our group members are:  Heather, Ryan, Cameron, Allie, and Rustin.

This energetic group had so much to share about their seminar (and were talking over one another enthusiastically):

  • SHC:  We loved the workshop–so much fun meeting new leaders from other schools, talking, singing silly songs, and playing get-to-know games about our StuCo jobs!
  • Me:  So, what does a StuCo leader do?
  • SHC:  A leader is a Learner who is Enthusiastic, Alert, Democratic, Energetic, Responsible, and Spirited!  We all have strengths and areas of growth, so we have to help one another in all areas.  Did you know there is negative and positive leadership?
  • Me:  Am I a negative or positive leader…wait, don’t answer that question!  🙂  (They insist I’m positive.)  What goals did you discuss?
  • SHC:  We talked about promoting other student leaders, teaching teamwork, being responsible role models, showing citizenship and school spirit, doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, having courage to stand up for what is right, and helping others, always helping others!  We also had to promise to keep a “can-do” attitude, create team spirit at LME, be ready to do any job we’re asked, complete things on time, respect others and ourselves, and know that our work is a privilege.
  • Me:  It sounds like being a leader is a huge job!
  • SHC:  Mrs. Van, you have no idea…  🙂

These young leaders have a code they follow:

Live with courage.  Take pride in what you do.  Always finish what you start.  Do what has to be done.  Be tough and be fair.  When you make a promise, keep it!  Be loyal to the team.  Talk less and listen more.

This is a wonderful code for living life; here’s hoping we all heed this advice and L-E-A-D by example!  Thanks, SHC, for setting our bar so high!  🙂

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