Willing to try…

During a conversation this morning with a learner in my office, the child noticed this little sign hanging on my wall and asked me about it.  I shared how my Granny B would often say things to me that took years to truly understand, but as I grew older, it all made sense (and wanting to remember these “Granny B-isms,” I stitch them occasionally).  The child commented, “Well, my Grandpa tells me smartness comes when you’re old, so you must be really smart now, Mrs. Van.”  🙂

Young learners who are willing to try their BEST (and keep trying) do succeed!  Mrs. Bass shared a touching story of beginning friendships during our Miller Team Rally just this morning reminding all of us of the importance of trying and being willing to try in order to be successful.  Teaching perseverance is not an easy task for a parent or a teacher.  Young students learn best by example; the important adults in a child’s life have a daunting responsibility indeed!

Numerous successes in big and small ways are celebrated daily.  One of the most enJOYable parts of my day at LME is observing our learners in action…and without fail, I see learners and their classroom leaders always willing to try!

EnJOY your weekend; go Panthers!  🙂

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