Poetry and Pirates…oh my!

ARRGGGHHH, mateys, indeed!  Pirates took over the school in search of treasured jewels this morning as second grade friends held a mutiny on the sailing vessel and used their trusty GPS devices with coordinates to locate the treasure.  The results…a treasure chest filled to capacity was located inside Captain Van’s cabin.  What was I doing with everyone’s treasure?  How did it really get there?  Why do I always take the rap?  All was forgiven and I enjoyed a few moments of craft time as we took the treasured beads and made jewelry in second grade classes this afternoon.  I’m sporting my new necklace too!  🙂

Our third grade friends invited me to their annual Poetry Cafe to share in poetry readings with poems created in a variety of formats:  Acrostic, Cinquain, Color, Concrete, Five Senses, Haiku, and Creature Alliteration.  Poets invited parents, grandparents, friends, and other students to experience the joy of writing personal poetry for expression and fun.  As one poet, Chase, noted:  “I needed to make my grandparents’ day…I know I did!”  🙂

Finally, as is our weekly tradition, our Miller Team Rally this morning featured our fifth grade friend, Matthew, sharing the poem “1492” with our entire campus.  His expressive version brought the story of Columbus’ voyage to life!  Way to go, Matthew!  🙂

Congratulations to our MVPs last week:  Maddie (3rd grader), Seth (1st grader), and this week:  Sawyer (Kinder).  Thanks for being most valuable players on our Miller Team this school year!

EnJOY a great fall weekend, a school day off on Monday (with your State Fair ticket), and we’ll look forward to seeing you on Tuesday morning!

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