First Day Fabulousness!

What a glorious start to our school year today . . . thanks to ALL involved!  From the smiles off the buses to the cars dropping off to our first Team Miller Rally and Huddle this morning, much was accomplished.  We are grateful to Mrs. LaRue Miller and Mrs. Brenda Folsom for joining us once again to greet learners and parents as we started our day.  Special thanks to our PTO Board for sponsoring our annual BooHoo/Yahoo Back-To-School Breakfast Social for everyone.  The scrumptious snacks and reassuring conversations made a great start for our new and returning families to Miller!

Since Every Day Is Game Day at LME this year, we started the day with an all-school rally/huddle in order to lay foundations for our expectations this coming year.  We introduced staff members in our building (and will continue doing this all week) so learners can place a face and name together.  I shared our Miller Essential 5:

  1. Be a strong listener everyday.
  2. Show respect to everyone and everything at all times (by words and actions).
  3. Be honest no matter what.
  4. Always use your best manners.
  5. Surprise others with random acts of kindness.

These five essential expectations are the foundation for learners and leaders as we work together to be our personal BEST every single day.  We talked at length today about being a strong listener with a rousing game of Simon Says (there’s nothing quite like 540+ playing it at the same time either!).  I put Mrs. Bass on the spot at one point, but she rebounded (as she always does) quite eloquently!  🙂

We will have a Team Miller Rally each morning this week to start our day as part of our positive practice in action series, working up to Friday where we award our first ALL-STARS and MVPs!  We plan to do live announcements each Friday during our weekly rally so our All-Stars and MVPs are in front of the entire campus (more to come on this later).

It’s been a fabulous day here at LME; we are truly blessed.  We’re excited about finding the BEST within ourselves while helping others bring out the BEST in themselves!  Join us on our quest to be our BEST!  Welcome back!  🙂

2 thoughts on “First Day Fabulousness!

  1. I would love to come observe a pep rally and one of the awards ceremonies.

    I am so exalted by the school-wide expectations, especially the random acts of kindness. To know that the expectations are given as examples throughout the school and that the goals are beyond academics is so joyous to me.

    Thanks for all that Miller Elementary does everyday!

    • Please stop by some Friday morning and you can experience a rally firsthand. Our campus Design Team has taken the idea of Miller Family to a new level; you can feel the excitement this year from learners and their classroom leaders! Thanks for your support of our work by volunteering to work with learners too!

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