A remarkable Cupp of kindness today…

What a blessed week!  Last night we enJOYed a huge turn-out for our annual Meet the Teacher Night Event.  Thanks to Mrs. Miller (who shook hundreds of hands and gave countless hugs), our PTO, our staff, and our learning community for enthusiastically embracing another campus tradition to get our year going strong.

Our PTO spoiled us this morning with a scrumptious breakfast as we completed small group meetings before our opening MISD Convocation this afternoon.  With the theme of Opening Doors and Windows for the 21st Century Learner, MISD staff members were treated to outstanding presentations and motivational talks this afternoon including one by Dr. Eric Cupp.

Known across Texas as one of the state’s most dynamic and effective speakers, Dr. Cupp is famous for his effective work with children from all walks of life, but in particular, sharing his extraordinary message with those struggling the most.  Simply noted:  Dr. Cupp does not believe there are bad children, only bad choices.  His key to success is a touchstone of hope while teaching children (and adults) how to take responsibility for bad choices in order to turn them into good choices.

Through my years in MISD, I’ve had the privilege to listen and visit with Dr. Cupp on several topics including:  student conflict (it is normal), how it is cool to be different, why it is OKAY to walk away, how to best avoid escalations, how we always have choices in life, what integrity is and how to keep it, the strong value of education, how to believe in yourself when no one else does, how to rise above circumstances and situations, how to not be a victim, and today’s challenge about crumbled dollar bills.  His powerful analogies and true stories bring the vision of what can be to the HEART of what one believes.  After all, if you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible . . . so get suited up and let the big yellows roll as we ring Mrs. Miller’s school bell the first day because . . . Every Day Is Game Day, LME!  Go Team Miller! 🙂

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