A telling of time…

Day #2…great TIME and attention are given to establishing routine daily expectations. I simply adore the TIME of day when I escape my administrative responsibilities and do a favorite activity I call walkabout.  During walkabout, there are numerous opportunities to visit with learners, watch them present or talk in groups, share ideas, ask questions about their learning, or just simply sit quietly to enjoy TIME in a classroom.  During my visits this morning, a fourth grade friend shared her tale of learning about telling TIME at her house:  “Mom took away our digital clocks and we only had the ‘regular’ clock with hands and numbers, but not those fancy numbers you see on some clocks.  Every TIME I answered a question right about what TIME it was, mom added TIME to our special TIME together before bed TIME.  Since this is the only TIME I have with mom, I worked hard to be sure I could get extra TIME with her.”  At this point, I have tears while thinking to myself I sure hope my own children didn’t always feel they needed an timed appointment with me to spend TIME with me.  My point is, it’s critical to make TIME to spend with our children; we get so busy in the bustle of the day, this becomes a challenge for all families!

Being your child’s first and most important teacher, you know the importance of teaching TIME  and TIME management.  I asked some of our parents who always do it all so well—work, volunteer at school, run a successful household, manage growing families, serve the community, take care of aging parents (and the list just grows)—to give some of their suggestions:

  • Routines, routines, routines!
  • Laugh and play together–sports, take an interesting class, family game night, etc.
  • Do a “no electronic devices” night each week so we talk and share stories or activities together.
  • We have mandatory family supper together every night, no matter what’s on the schedule.
  • Do household chores together; cook meals together.
  • Having everyone is the car is great time with my kids (they are trapped) and we talk—no devices allowed.
  • Participate in school and community events while doing kind deeds for others.
  • Read together daily.
  • Leave special notes for each child (lunch box, backpack, textbook) to show you’re thinking about them (I saw several yesterday during all six lunch times).

TIME spent with our children is vital to their healthy development in all areas.  I appreciate these parents sharing their special ways of spending TIME with their families.  What other telling time ideas can you think of now?  🙂

Note:  We have 84% of our families who completed their first day online enrollment information!  Thanks to everyone!  You have until Friday, August 31st to enter data.  If you need assistance, please call the front office; we are happy to help!  Also, we sent home a Van Am Safety Gram reminder today.  Thanks for another great day at LME this first week!

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