Talents galore…

We are blessed at LME with talented learners, especially of the musical variety.  Our fourth and fifth graders spent the morning sharing their exceptional abilities with our students, friends, and families.  Multiple acts of singing, dancing, jump roping, gymnastics, martial arts, and much more graced the stage and front spotlight.  Many thanks to our specials team for supporting and introducing the acts (and even participating at the last minute, Coach Rogers).  Special thanks to our own PTO volunteer, Alisha, for ensuring the “show must go on” once again (and on short notice, too!).  We are appreciative of all who participated; you are Miller STARS with talents galore!  🙂

Note:  Awards Assemblies will take place the next three days in the Miller Cafe: Wednesday is Kinder @ 8:15 and 1st grade @ 9:00; Thursday is 2nd grade @ 8:15 and 3rd grade @ 9:00; Friday is 4th grade @ 8:15 and 5th grade @ 9:00.  We hope to see you there! 

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