Life is good!

It was a Monday AND a Tuesday on a Wednesday after a long holiday weekend (for some).  Seeing smiling faces, sharing high-fives, joking with our dads on duty, and starting our day with a positive morning message always the sets the tone for success; today was no exception.  While I didn’t have the opportunity for a complete walk-about, I did stop for a short visit with a particular group of learners who were discussing “Good life…or life is good?”

Their response journal charge for the day involved thinking about the ways life is good.  I heard things like:

  • Believe in yourself and others;
  • Make every moment count;
  • Do what you love and love what you do;
  • Be brave and take chances;
  • Be positive with yourself and others;
  • Celebrate differences and make a difference everyday;
  • Volunteer and make someone’s day;
  • Be a friend and work together;
  • Listen;
  • Think big and expect success.  (The list goes on…)

The final summation was the kicker for me:  “A good life is not lived by chance but by our choices, just like you say everyday, Mrs. Van…everyday is a good time to do good.”  🙂  (Oh my stars…they really DO listen to morning message!)  Here’s hoping you take some time to embrace the good life and to think for yourself about all the ways that LIFE IS GOOD!  🙂

Note:  Our CF team of fifth graders raised over $4,000 total and completed their Walk-for-a-Cure successfully on Sunday.  Thanks, LME, for giving your assistance to this important and personal endeavor!