Ringers and Singers perform!

It goes without saying we are proud of all our LaRue Miller organizations and clubs.  Our Miller Ringers and Singers are certainly no exception and their outstanding talents were successfully showcased this week for our learning community to enJOY!  The Miller Ringers started the evening by chiming four challenging pieces:  Tranquil Chimings, Vive L’Amour, We Shall Overcome, and Finlandia.  Not only did they use two octaves of the handbells, but several of our musicians were ringing with both hands simultaneously!  If you’ve played handbells before, you know the complexity of what they are accomplishing here.

The Miller Singers (our fourth and fifth grade chorus) shared a variety of songs from around the world during their portion of this amazing concert:  It’s a Musical World, Fanga Alafia, Funiculi Funicula, Gong Xi, Sambalele, and She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain rounded out our evening performance.  Their costumes, dance moves, and enthusiasm were particularly noted throughout the performance.

Opportunities such as these musical offerings give several learners the chance to shine within their personal comfort zones.  I’m grateful to an outstanding fine arts and specials team who absolutely believe in the power of celebrating each child’s gifts.  This team rehearses and meets with students before and after school (outside the regular school day and curriculum) to practice with them in each area; they also support one another by offering personal time to assist during any performances or events.  Students must commit additional practice and study time with each group.  Whether a child is musical, athletic, artistic, a natural leader, or anything in between, our specials team ensures we provide multiple outlets to display these extraordinary talents.  Thanks, Miller Ringers and Singers, for sharing your musical offerings with us!

Note:  You can catch another performance of our Miller Ringers on Monday evening during the MISD Educational Showcase @ 6:00 p.m. in the Black Box Theatre.  Our Miller Hotsteppers Jump Team will showcase their talents @ 6:15 in the Koonce Gym . . . hope to see you there!