Blow a bubble…

Here’s a personal tidbit you may not know:  I acquired a nickname as a very young girl.  Bubbles.  My close friends called me this name for a variety of reasons:  my guttural belly laugh, my sunny personality, and sometimes just because blowing bubbles brought JOY while swinging on the swings.  I gave bubbles as cheerful gifts for no reason—ways to make someone’s day or lift another person’s spirits, always buying bubbles for my personal treat when shopping with my mom.

As a principal, there’s a big basket filled with bubbles in my office.  Learners who visit with me often leave with a bottle as a reward for a job well-done or as a reminder to do what my Granny B. always reminded me:  “Don’t blow a gasket…blow a bubble.” 🙂  Mrs. Bass’ little grandson likes to visit my office when he stops by school—one guess where he goes first…

As we come to the last five days of this school year, I remind all of us to stop, take a deep breath, and don’t blow a gasket…blow a bubble!  🙂

One thought on “Blow a bubble…

  1. Mrs. Van also played volleyball in high school and she was very skilled in passing the ball to the taller players on the team. Due to this talent, her beautiful red hair, and her Western European family heritage, she was affectionately known as “The Irish Setter”. This is why there are shamrocks and pictures of beautiful dogs in her office.

    Blow several green bubbles today!



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