Moms and Dads

The most interesting conversation ensued the other day while assisting a small group of learners with some tough conversational questions during lunch time.  This group was discussing moms and dads as one student interviewed them (and in order to protect the innocent and their honest responses I’m choosing not to divulge much else here):

Why do we have moms and dads?

  • To help us clean our rooms
  • To take out the trash in their robe
  • Mostly to keep me in line and stuff like that ’cause I’m not ready to be on my own just yet…

What’s the difference in moms and dads?

  • Dads are taller and stronger, but moms have the real power ’cause that’s who I have to ask if I want something.
  • It depends on who wears pants that day.
  • Moms work at work and at home; dads just go to work and do chores.
  • Moms give medicine cause dads don’t read ‘constructions’ on anything.

If you could change something about mom or dad, what would it be?

  • Get rid of those eyes in the back of her head…scary, really scary.
  • I would make them smarter then they would know it was my brother who did it and not me all the time.

I love my work with learners; they never cease to amaze me in their responses (and I can hardly wait to see what they say about our Miller staff)!  Thanks, moms and dads, for sharing your most valuable resource with us everyday at LME!   🙂

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