Census Report

Are there more boys or girls at LME?  Which grade level has the most students?  In what month were you born?  Fifth graders at Miller set out to answer these and other pressing questions while creating the LaRue Miller Elementary Student Body Census 2012.  Under the direction of 5th grade social studies teacher, Mrs. Campbell, these learners are working in each classroom to collect census data in order to compile statistics for our school (just like the census takers do each 10 years).  They are asking specific questions of each learner at LME, recording their findings, and preparing to report final results in the coming week.  Even our youngest friends in Head Start are answering questions (with help from their teachers) to provide information for the census.  One young friend wore a sticky-note with answers to assist in answering the questions—he pointed to the note when he didn’t remember an answer and the 5th grader reported, “Now that was just adorable, Mrs. Van!  It’s great we can COUNT on each other to help when needed!”  🙂  Stay tuned for their final report coming soon.  In the meantime, enJOY time outside in this beautiful spring weather!

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