BElieve in YOUrself!

During morning walk-about today, I happened across a small group discussion taking place regarding our morning message from the announcements:

Learner #1:  Did you hear what she was talking about; did you listen to the message?
Learner #2:  It’s hard to believe in myself sometimes; I don’t always get it right.
Learner #3:  That’s the point; you have to believe in you in order to believe in yourself and others.  You have to be your own coach sometimes; we’ll be a coach with you.
Learner #1:  Just like the Abraham Lincoln quote she said, “I do the very best I know how, the very best I can, and I mean to keep doing it to the end.”  You only have to do your personal best; that’s all any of us can really do.

Although the conversation carried on a bit, they noticed I was standing close by observing (our caring counselor, Mrs. Stanley, would not have been any prouder at that moment; they talked while I just listened!).  The whole point to morning message everyday is to challenge our learners and their classroom leaders to become interdependent of each other—not dependent and not independent, but interdependent thinkers and leaders for the future—working together for the common good.  Observing this group in action today is a great example of how they are heeding the call to assist one another.

We are focusing this week on BElieving in YOUrself (just like the graphic shows).  This is the start of a challenging time in Texas Public Education for our learners (as we gear up for the first round of state assessments); we want them truly BELIEVING in themselves and their academic abilities, their classroom leaders, and each other.  Here’s hoping you share your belief in your learner today (and everyday!).  🙂