Tricycle Town!

It’s still humbling to know others actually read and comment on this blog occasionally.  There were some yesterday who read the short blurb about our Tricycle Town and wanted to know more (thanks for sharing your questions with me) . . .

I absolutely adore our Tricycle Town here at LME (thanks to the Midlothian Education Foundation for initially funding this innovative grant request our first year in operation at LME).  This outdoor dramatic play area consists of a tricycle path complete with fishing pond, booths (interchangeable with various signs to represent community places and town structures), road signs, and all manner of fun, interactive outdoor equipment.  The overall purpose is to promote core subject skills (math, science, language, literacy, social studies, cooperative play, gross motor, and physical fitness) in young learners through hands-on dramatic play experiences.  Students have the opportunity to experience unique life lessons as they “drive” their tricycles through the town.  Social skills, real-life problem solving situations, and communication skills through the magical world of make-believe provide solid foundations for young, developing minds.  Furthermore, this area is easily adapted to meet the needs of any young learner.  Peyton tells me “I like to ride but the helmet is itchy.” 🙂

Ashley is getting off her tricycle to fish in the pond before eating her Happy Meal from McDonald’s. 🙂 Connor is resting near the gas station before he fills up his tank for the long ride ahead.  🙂

Teachers set up a dramatic play scenario and discuss the scene with learners.  Through preparation and then action, several learning objectives can be addressed for each child.  Often times, community helpers dressed in the role assist (a police officer may pull someone over for violating a sign or the “fire trike” may sound the horn and ring the bell on the way to an emergency).

On a beautiful day, our youngest learners beg to be outside, learning, and moving.  We are so thankful and blessed to have Tricycle Town to spark imagination for our PK, Head Start, PPCD, CBI, and Kinder friends while developing critical thinking skills in an engaging, meaningful way.  Come join us sometime!

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