Fads and Fresh Starts…

We’re back in session and if the weather is any indication of the day, things are moving fast and furious indeed!  During morning walk-about, some students visited with me concerning fads—you know, those particular likes (or dislikes) and fashionable crazes.

These IMAGINE students, under the direction of GT teacher, Peggy Davidson, studied trends and philosophical ideas from various generations and decades in the 20th century.  While dressing the part to make their point, they each presented a unique perspective showcasing the trendy styles, ideas, and fun facts in various genres.  Although they laughed at previous directions in our society, I reminded them that they will someday reap the wrath of future generations for their choices today (as a mom, I know this firsthand since my own are forever questioning my prior choices of dress, style, fads, and ideas—you know what I’m talking about, too!).  🙂  Of course, I had to share some pictures from my 28+ years in education with them—the good and the not-so-good “teachery” fashion choices as well as my hair changes through the years—we all had a good laugh!  Here’s some LME trend trivia for you:  Did you know, some of our Miller staff still have their original school shirts, painted shoes, and “teacher” sweaters from the early 80s?  We’ll have another “vintage” day sometime to show them off to you!

We also enJOYed a springy but rainy fresh start today as we gear up for the remaining weeks of the 2011-2012 school year.  There is much to accomplish in the next eleven weeks; welcome back!  🙂

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