Campus Field Trip Day!

It may be Mardi Gras, but in the spirit of indulgence and doing things in a big way, let it be known that we most certainly know how to shine with the best here at LME!  Our campus field trip to Casa Manana to participate in the show Charlotte’s Web was a spectacular journey today!  WOW—from the 15 buses on the road to the 750+ we represented in the theater audience, LaRue Miller Elementary truly sparkled . . .

Here are some of the buses on the interchange bridge headed onto I-20.   We experienced a slight delay due to construction traffic, but everyone stayed calm and patient throughout this part (including me).  The theater was kind enough to hold the curtain for our safe arrival too.

Here’s Charlotte’s web on stage.  The actors were crafty at creating her famous web writings in the play—from “Some Pig” to “Terrific” to “Radiant” to “Humble,” they took us through this treasured story of friendship. 



Here’s Jeffrey excited to start the show.  He told me later, “Ms. Van, that was the best show ever!  I really liked the rat, Templeton; he was funny!” 


Here is Mrs. Clark’s third grade class thanking their bus driver for a great day.  Yes, we are blessed in MISD with extraordinary folks who safely deliver our learners to all destinations!

This was indeed a unique and amazing experience for our campus.  While it may not be something we can do each year, we certainly made a special lasting memory for the 2011-2012 group of LME learners who traveled together today.  Special thanks to our teachers and staff members who spent countless hours in organizational preparation for this immense undertaking.  Thanks to our parents who supported and shared their enthusiasm for this adventure.  Thanks to our learners who fully displayed their best Miller manners throughout the day.  Here’s hoping we can create and experience other large-group field-learning opportunities like this in the future!  🙂

Note:  Thanks once again to Amy Clark for sharing her talented photography with me!

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