Are you well-informed?

To communicate literally means “to convey knowledge of or information about; to make known.”  Our MISD Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Jerome Stewart, is a strong communicator and storyteller; he factually shares the district’s story—the good and the not-so-good.  He is also a blogger and I strongly encourage you to follow him, specifically during his ongoing series about Midlothian ISD’s Building and Bonds program.  His remarks and comments are always current, insightful, and informational.  You can access his blog through the MISD homepage.  His most recent blog entitled Curve Ball talks specifically on two key points you need to understand as a taxpayer and citizen of Midlothian ISD. These are the facts as we know them today.  Here’s hoping you take some time to be informed!

Note:  One of our LME families lost their home today in a fire; thankfully, no one was hurt.  We are collecting gift cards for food and clothing for this family in our front office for anyone who might wish to contribute.  Thanks for your ongoing generosity and acts of kindness.

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