A Web of Possibilities…

Salutations!  One of my favorite children’s novels of all time to read with young learners is Charlotte’s Web  by E.B. White.  The main character, Wilbur, an affectionate and bashful pig, befriends a vocal spider named Charlotte, who lives in the rafters above his barn pen.  As a prancing, playful, growing pig, Wilbur is devastated to learn from the barn rat, Templeton, what happens to “spring pigs” once the county fair is held in the fall.  Charlotte and all the animals set out to save Wilbur and convince the farmer and community (through Charlotte’s clever web-writing skills) that Wilbur is no ordinary pig.  You can see from the picture here that our 5th grade team is also no ordinary team, thus their interpretation of the story during a dress-up day on campus.

This powerful story of friendship will come to life for all our Miller learners and their classroom leaders this month when we travel to Casa Manana in Ft. Worth to experience the magic of a live theatrical performance geared especially for us.  We are so excited to share this experience with all our Miller learners; it’s truly something unique for our campus.  Special thanks to our campus Design Team and Site-Based Committee for creating an “innovative disruption” from the normal field trip routines, to our classroom leaders for leading this charge, and to our parents for embracing this unique learning opportunity “in the field” for all learners.  Be watching for the specific note home this week.  As always, we especially appreciate the support and encouragement our Miller families give to our learning community each day.  Here’s hoping during this “Friendship Month” of February we all experience the wonder and blessings of finding real friends!

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