Balancing everything at once…

Visiting a classroom this morning, I heard a student comment: “So, my parents were talking last night about living a balanced life.  What does this mean really?”  Oh my…yes, teachers are often faced with challenging questions to tackle during morning message!  This particular teacher handled it really well:  “You know, I’m not so sure I have the correct answer for you because everyone sees ‘balance’ differently” (she said as she picked up a balance scale to demonstrate).  “Let’s make a list of things we do in our school life everyday; school is our work.”  The children listed school things:  learn some, think some, draw and paint some, write (alot 🙂 ), sing, exercise, eat meals, walk, talk, share, play, and live.  They started a second column to list things outside of school (real life):  play sports, eat, practice piano, do homework, read, ride in the car, laugh, run from the cops (uh-oh!), play, ride our bikes, sleep, and watch TV.  Both lists were staring at the class side-by-side.  “Now, let’s see what they have in common and what is different so we can see if we lead balanced lives.”

The discussion progressed from there and how observant these learners were!  Parents, you just never know what your child absorbs from your discussions at home.  In fact, so much of what students know and learn begins right at home.  Lesson to self:  Never underestimate the power of the spoken word in a casual discussion at home.

As to the final answer for a balanced life, one child summed it up best:  “A balanced life is what we make it, huh?!”  Out of the mouths . . . .   🙂