A great communicator who continues to teach …

I had a blessed conversation with a mentor of mine (and to many) this week, LaRue Miller.  As you know, she is an extraordinary communicator by example.  She always encourages those around her to know their story, communicate their story, and do what another great writer and mentor of mine says:  “Lead with your story.”  As we often do, we discussed a particular school concern of mine and she commented, “it sounds like communication is really the problem; you know what you need to do now.”  🙂

At LaRue Miller Elementary, we believe good communication and collaboration builds trust.  Communication, after all, is depositing a part of your personal self into the other person.  For example, when a staff member visits with a parent, perceptions are created.  We know perceptions are reality for each of us, therefore, our words and actions should reflect our best efforts.  Sometimes, we miss the mark or miscommunicate our message.  Regardless if it is an email, a phone call, a text, a conference, or other interaction, please remember we are not perfect.  If you walk away questioning, please visit with us again so we can do a better job of communicating and problem solving the situation together.  Everyone deserves some grace and a second chance . . .

Mrs. Miller also says to “be who you really are and do what you need to do in order to have what you need and want in life.”  After all, “the goal is simple…to help you achieve yours.”  May her words of wisdom continue to ring proudly throughout the hallways of her namesake.  Thanks, Mrs. Miller, for articulating it so well; we love you!

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