Starry, starry day…

Starry, starry day…in the second grade hallway right now.  SNOWkidding!  In the dark of each early morning as I do my initial facility walk-about before most everyone arrives (with the exception of Juanie and a few early bird teachers), I am currently enJOYing the beautiful winterscape awaiting me at the end of the long walk.  Second grade learners have completely “snowed” their ceiling in beautiful flakes and twinkling lights to set the tone for a soothing, inspirational walk-about experience!  I asked a learner why:  “Well, you see, our teachers want to save electricity so they came up with this idea to give us twinkle lights in the hall instead; it saves, you know.”  🙂  Another friend shared:  “Actually, it shows off our work better because you have to really get close to see it.”  🙂  Finally, a third helper added:  “It makes us smile; I hope the starry day stays until spring at least!”  🙂  Anyway you see it, here’s hoping you stop by the second grade hallway soon to enJOY the view.  SNOWkidding . . . you’ll be glad you did!

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