Sing like no one is listening!

My Grandpa Brock would say it; my momma would say it; my sister (the voice teacher and opera singer) says it to her students every day…. In fact, I even heard our music teacher, Ms. Grant, say it:  “Sing out like no one is listening!”  Fortunately, this is a figurative practice I have the privilege of observing everyday in our Miller classrooms, so I recently asked some staff members how they perceive us as educator / “singers” in Midlothian ISD:

  • We sing out by always being present no matter what.
  • We sing out for all learners regardless of race, need, intellectual ability, social status, or any other classification you can name.
  • We sing out about the wonderful ways each child learns and the extraordinary learning happening each day on our campus—the baby steps and the milestones!
  • We sing out about learning concerns, issues, and challenging family situations while being an important advocate for each child.
  • We sing out by giving our personal best to every child and making each child the priority in every decision.

Whether you sing or not, let me ask you:  How do you choose to sing out for your child everyday?  Here’s hoping you sing loud and proud this school year; just remember that we are here to assist you along the way!

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