Readings and Writings and Resolutions…oh my!

What a busy two days we’ve had here at Miller…whew!  Between the New Year resolutions, taking new opportunities when they present themselves, writing goals, resolving to practice more each day, and reading 2,012 seconds today, our two days have definitely been full!

My first grade friend, Travis, was reading his heart out during our annual “READ in the New Year for 2012!”  All students and staff took time out today to read for 2,012 seconds (about 34 minutes) for silent sustained reading time.  I noticed as they unloaded cars and buses this morning, there were pillows, blankets, and loads of favorite books to read!  Silent sustained reading everyday builds stamina and endurance as well as fluency and comprehension.  We challenge everyone to read daily in 2012!

Some other first grade friends were then busy writing their goals for 2012.  It’s important to practice our many skills, especially our personal goals.  As one learner shared, “Mrs. King tells us everyday that practice will help us achieve our goals because practice makes most everything better!”  The learners pictured here were definitely practicing some outstanding personal writing in Mrs. Boehringer’s class today!

I frequently remind students to “plan your work; work your plan; autograph your work with personal excellence!”  Learning to set goals, practice, and resolve to work “smart” to achieve them are life skills we begin in the early years of school.  Just like our college sweatshirt day yesterday, it is critical we talk and walk as real-life examples for our learners now; as a staff, we never take this responsibility lightly!

We appreciate the support and encouragement, the funny stories and comments, and the overwhelming responses to our daily work!  Here’s hoping we all read, write, and resolve well in 2012!  🙂

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