Walk-about, the day after…

Twas the day after Christmas when all through the school, not a creature was stirring with the hallways so cool.  Mrs. Van checked on things inside and out, while making her routine holiday safety walk-about.  When what to her wandering eye should appear but a teacher planning lessons, such a dedicated career!  With a building so cold, no lights did she use, she just wanted the comfort of her classroom muse.  Her house was quite crowded because all the relatives came; she wanted peace and control and no fussing to blame!  “Just give me a few quiet minutes, Mrs. Van, then I promise to leave; I’ll go back to the eating and drama and do my best to retrieve . . . my sanity, a level of comfort, and some quiet all alone; and get through this vacation week with some rest of my own.”  As I smiled and gave a gentle hug and assured this great teacher too, “you’ll get through this holiday, but before you do . . . try to focus on the fact you need this time away; you need time for family, friends, fellowship, and play.”  So here’s to one week down and another to go; school days will be with us before we know . . . EnJOY your time away; stay safe and have fun!  Happy winter break Miller learners and leaders; you’re always #1!  🙂

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