Merry Christmas Readings…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for reading . . . the weather is cold and windy, the seasonal stories are abundant, and the temptation to curl up with someone you love and share a great story is powerfully strong.  I keep books outside my office door all the time (as the picture indicates) and I’m known to climb in my office rocker and read them too!

I had the pleasure today of observing a group of second graders “sell” their recently chosen library book to another reader.  They created new book covers (without taking away from the published ones) to advertise and entice younger readers to want to pick up their seasonal book and have it read to them.  The new illustrations on the child-created book covers and the book reviews written convinced me!  If the office had not interrupted my visit with an urgent need, I would have stayed all day . . . .

Naturally, you know the Christmas Question we’re asking today:  What are your favorite pieces of seasonal literature to read to yourself and others?  We are blessed to have multiple “mystery readers” on our campus each week including high school athletes who give of their time to share the JOY of reading.  You are encouraged to call your child’s teacher soon and offer a favorite story and a few minutes of your time to model the importance of reading to your child’s class.  May we never grow too old to enJOY a great story; here’s hoping you share some in your family tonight!

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