Positive practice makes perfect!

You’ve no doubt heard the term:  “Practice makes perfect.”  Positive practice is a term used to describe the repetition of a desired outcome in a positive way.  Behavior specialists use positive practice to assist students in learning the correct way to go about a certain task or to achieve a desired result.  Today at Miller, we used positive practice to remind our learners about the importance of safety and respect in our cafe during lunch each day.

Learners and their classroom leaders participated in a session this morning in the cafe to actively demonstrate the behavior expectations we have at LME for everyone during lunch–specific things like properly asking for assistance, helping others, cleaning our personal space, and showing respect for the adults on supervision duty.  Role-playing and role models led the discussion.  Mrs. Bass and I acted as commentators so the message of safety was shared by all.

We believe in having “down time” during lunch–it should be a time of eating, visiting quietly, and sharing socially with friends.  It is a special time to practice our best table manners (just like we would at our family table at home or at a restaurant).  What surprises me most when I question a student about irresponsible cafe behavior and ask: “Would someone at home like to see you doing this at the table?”  The answer is always “No!” 🙂

Applying the good choices we learn and practice at home should not be challenging at school.  I continue to encourage you to challenge your learner to be the best example for others to follow in the cafe . . . and as always, you are invited any day of the week to put on an Miller apron (condiments and little scissors provided) and assist us in the cafe as a positive adult role model!  Positive practice makes perfect; here’s hoping we continue to see improvements everyday!  🙂

Note:  A note went home sharing our new Miller lunch times for each grade level daily as well as a website posting before our past week off.  Please check with the front office if you have questions.

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