Super Outrageous Science ROCKS today!

Yes, it’s hip to be square at LaRue Miller Elementary!  Our annual Super Outrageous Science (SOS) Day was in full swing.  Learners dressed as scientists to embark on multiple scientific journeys in classroom labs across the campus.  Mrs. Clark’s third graders started the day dancing to our “Miller Moves” song.

Leaders of learners and special volunteers planned unique, engaging, and exciting lessons involving inquiry, discovery, and the scientific method.  Everything from creating lava lamps to studying the force used on spinning tops and yo-yos to practicing animal adaptations– a wide spectrum of scientific possibilities were a reality today!

Here’s Kaylie exploring the science of Chromatography while Joseph creates a groovy lava lamp through chemical reaction.

Schoolwide events such as SOS are the creation of an extraordinary vision by our staff here at LME!  They find a need and then fill it!  Because there is always a strong emphasis on science and problem solving in general, our students enthusiastically succeed with amazing results.  Grateful thanks to our teachers, parent volunteers, community helpers, and visitors who embraced a complete day of “science madness” to create lasting scientific memories . . . As one friend noted, “You know, Mrs. Van, SCIENCE ROCKS! ”  🙂

Note:  I’m thrilled to have completed so many blog posts this semester–one per LME school day was a challenge I wasn’t sure I could feasibly accomplish.  While it is important to nurture and visit the blog daily (great advice from a blogger friend), I plan to take the next week off to nurture my personal family and friends during our Thanksgiving break.  I look forward to sharing a series in December:  Christmas Questions.  May your week be showered in extraordinary blessings of thanks and giving.  🙂

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