Out of the mouths…

A learner shared with me today, “Mrs. Van, time is sure flying this year!  Did you know we only have 53 more days until 2012?”  🙂  I was shocked, so we did the math together and then I noted:  “Good golly; where does the time go?”  The child smiled, “We can’t live backwards, so look ahead and get ready!” 🙂   I was stunned into complete silence . . . .

Especially during the school calendar year, learners live in chunks of time–from the first early release day, to Fair Day, to Thanksgiving break, to winter break, and so forth.  These comforting time chunks provide routine, expectations, and predictable procedures.  Think about it; your daily routines at home revolve around the larger chunks of time at school, time in activities outside of school, and then time for weekend activities.  We tend to categorize our time into groups (and in my older years, I tend to want to spend more time on activities I truly enJOY versus those I do not).

Talk about time flying . . . we have much to accomplish in 2011 yet.  We look forward to several extraordinary events here at Miller before we tell 2011 goodbye.  As my little friend remarked, “You got an extra hour this weekend, Mrs. Van, so hopefully this will help.”  🙂 Here’s hoping we all put that “extra hour” to great use in the remaining 53 days of 2011!

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