Time away…

Greetings from the University of Oklahoma today . . . Boomer Sooner!  It’s Parent Weekend and I spent the day with my youngest daughter who attends OU.  I’m grateful to our assistant principal, Mrs. Bass, who capably takes the helm in my absence.  She reported the day went well on campus, but that she wasn’t writing my blog post for me.  While I missed my time at LME, it was refreshing to experience academics in a different setting today; thus, this post will be a true personal reflection of sorts.

As I took a crisp walk across the campus to meet my daughter for lunch after her morning classes, this image of a glorious maple tree in full fall foliage appeared.  There are definite seasons in Norman and here was a perfect example!  I kept thinking, “WOW, sure wish I had a classroom of Miller learners to share this with me; they would have much to say about these ‘real’ trees” (not to mention all the statues, the numbers of students walking all over the campus, the variety of backpacks . . . ).  🙂

I’m blessed to have the opportunity to spend quality time with my daughter and her friends this weekend.  I’m also grateful for an extraordinary staff of classroom and building leaders who move forward in my absence.  Here’s hoping you always make (and take) time to treasure quality time with those you hold dear, most definitely your precious Miller learner!

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