Time for lunch!

Lunch…sustenance…a break in the instructional day…time to visit with friends…A Miller friend shared some time with me during lunch recently (just to clarify, this was a reward and not a punishment–princiPALs are not all about consequences, you know).  We talked about her views of our campus, her experiences so far, her expectations, and (of course) her dreams.  Noticing her lunch was a healthy one–she particularly likes veggies and fruit and drinks lots of water throughout the day–I asked her who helped to form these eating habits and her comment was, “our school.”  Truthfully, I was a little surprised to hear this answer so I had to dive deeper.

“You see, Mrs. Van, I listen and watch everyday.  My teacher talks about bringing healthy snacks, buying or bringing a healthy lunch, and drinking our water so our brains stay engaged.”  I asked, “Why do you think this is so important?”  She expanded her thoughts: “It’s hard being a student; you have to think ALL DAY LONG.  I see a difference in my thinking when I eat good food and when I eat junk instead.”  She also noted: “My family is working to improve our eating too–those GO foods take up more space on my plate now and I save those WHOA and SLOW foods for special times.”  At this point in our conversation, I was honestly thinking how I could clone this child…it never ceases to amaze me how a single comment or action can grow into a new way of life at times.

Back to lunch though…it’s that important time of day where our learners (and their leaders) can take a moment to relax, to unwind, and to nourish the body.  You are always invited to visit during lunch here at LaRue Miller…it’s quite the experience in our cafe.  We want our students to talk with friends and to eat (but to also be safe, thus there are rules).  Staff members on duty assist and direct the organized chaos.  You are also invited to put on an apron, open milk cartons and packets, and assist us anytime during lunch; we appreciate our volunteers!

A class makes their way down the hall with smiles and anticipation as I escort my friend back to class following our lunch conversation.  A child looks up at me to note: “It’s time for lunch, Mrs. Van!”

We serve breakfast in our cafe starting @ 7:20 a.m. and lunches run from 10:45 a.m.-1:30 p.m. daily.  Join us anytime!

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