Caring Counselor, Mrs. Stanley…

You’ve heard me say before there is an art and a science to education, but I hope we never forget the HEART.  Our own LaRue Miller counselor, Christa Stanley (shown here with her famous friend, Froggy), brings a whole new meaning to educating with “heart!”

Mrs. Stanley is notorious for “walking her talk” with learners and their leaders everyday.  Her sixth counselor sense notes when a child or adult needs an extra hug, a smile, or a warm pat on the back.  She is easy to approach, tells the best stories, and does everything in her school counseling powers to ensure every member of our Miller learning community reaches his or her personal best daily.  With multiple years of classroom and counseling experience in a variety of instructional settings, she truly understands the unique needs of young learners.  It goes without saying, she’s a natural at her work everyday.

So what exactly does a school counselor do?  I asked some Miller friends and here’s what they told me:

  1. She teaches us about friendships and gives me help in the hallway.
  2. Mrs. Stanley talks to Mrs. Van and Mrs. Bass on the walkie-talkies about safety.
  3. She smiles and tells us stories about making good choices.
  4. We dress up for College Day and Red Ribbon Week and other fun times at school.
  5. She leads our Student Honor Council; it’s hard work but what fun we have!
  6. On ‘nnouncements, she talks about Rachel’s Challenge and our promise.
  7. I like her friend, Froggy; he helps me in the car line each morning.
  8. She is everywhere in our building–up, down, and all around…

As you can tell, our learners think highly of Mrs. Stanley and her work here at Miller.  Parents who visit with me share their positive, insightful observations of her as well.  School guidance counseling is about building relationships and connections with each learner in a positive, productive, collaborative manner.  Often times, Mrs. Stanley can approach a challenging situation with a fresh idea, therefore, I encourage you to visit with her when you have questions regarding specific educational concerns.  Always keep her updated when a home or family situation changes; she can help support and encourage a learner along with the classroom teacher.

I say it all the time:  We are here to serve our learning community.  Our work is never complete, but a caring counselor like Mrs. Stanley takes the art and science of education and serves Miller with the biggest heart everyday!

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