Yes, even princiPALs have to go to school!

It’s true; even princiPALs have to go back to school to learn new laws, strategies, and ways to meet learning community needs.  Today was such an experience. I enjoyed the day working with other principals and administrators on legal updates under the direction of Jim Walsh, PC.  While the new Texas legislative material is quite daunting and overwhelming, his presentations are always warm, engaging, and rivoting . . . Law Dawg rules!

Anyway, a young Miller learner stopped me as I walked back into the building this afternoon to ask where I’d been (she missed me at lunch and at dismissal, you see).  She proceeds to share with me all the things that occurred in my absence:  Mrs. Bass doing the morning announcements, Mrs. Stanley (the counselor lady) talking with her class (more about her in an upcoming blog), Nurse Sullivan helping someone from the playground, and the library lady sharing a story.  In summary, I missed a great deal today.  She asked to see my note from my mom about my absence.  I smiled and shared that my mom would most definitely have my note ready tomorrow for Mrs. Gossett, but would she like to see the work I did today instead.  I showed her my notebook of legal terms, new laws, court cases, new standards, etc.  “Where are the pictures?”  🙂  “Pictures would make this much better?”  🙂  “There are too many words on each page.”  🙂  “WHEW, I’m so glad I don’t go to THIS school you go to, Mrs. Van!”  🙂  “I’ll just draw you a picture tonight to add to your work tomorrow.”  (I look forward to it!)

Yes, pictures do make the materials better and yes, we all do trainings to improve on our professional and personal goals.  It’s a powerful lesson for our young learners to see us still learning and growing in our work everyday. I hope you will always take a moment to share your work and lessons with your child as well; you are the first teacher after all . . . .

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