A Special Team…

There’s a SPECIAL group of classroom leaders who daily meet with the entire school population in some form or fashion at Miller Elementary–the Specials Team.  That’s right; “specials time” gives all learners the opportunity to explore art, music, PE, and the library media center in style.  We are grateful for the leadership of Melissa Bolgiano (Library Media Specialist and lead teacher), Scott Fiorenza (art specialist), Coach Blane Rogers (PE), Asst. Coach Amber Martin, and our newest Miller addition, Amber Grant (Music).  I know–two Ambers on one team–what were we thinking?!

These leaders share a common vision for providing enriching, engaging, and meaningful work through various visual, auditory, and tactile means.  Their creative spirits, can-do attitudes, and strong belief in all learners sharing unique gifts and talents are seen daily through the connections they make with each student.  They use state-of-the-art approaches, showcase technology in their lessons, and integrate ideas in clever ways to ensure student success.  Everything they do in their classrooms in turn supports and enriches the regular academic setting at Miller Elementary.  After all, research shows that students who participate on a regular basis in the fine arts and sports perform better in their daily academics.  We are grateful for the opportunity to provide these valuable classes to all learners in our learning community; thanks MISD for supporting these special programs in all our elementary schools.

On top of all this, it is interesting to note this specials team writes, directs, and produces six outstanding team performances each school year.  They truly live by the belief that all learners will be given the opportunity to perform on stage at least once each school year at Miller . . . now you know what really makes them “special!”

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