Kinder Korner…

We’ve all heard that everything we ever needed to know we really learned in Kindergarten.  There’s a group of gentle souls who believe it everyday!  Pictured left to right are Candace Ramirez, Karyn Story, Lauren Bergvall, and Roanna Nanney.  Each of these talented teachers gives her heart, mind, and soul to our Kinder friends everyday!

Beyond the basic academics of everyday curriculum, they focus on the “how” and “why” aspects of everything from building relationships with peers and adults to sharing ideas with big hearts to having fun while learning challenging material.  Great strides are made during the Kinder year and these ladies will attest to the overwhelming growth (physically, mentally, and emotionally) each learner makes throughout the course of a school year.

Visiting classrooms and interacting with our new Kinder friends is a warm, fuzzy experience for me.  Children love to share their work, their ideas, and even their most amazing stories.  As I tell Kinder parents in particular, “I’ll believe about 50% of what they tell me about you if you’ll believe about 50% of what they say about me.”  Sharing just comes naturally!

Whether you are a first-time Kinder parent or a veteran by now, we welcome you to join us throughout the year for many school “firsts” in our Kinder classes.  Take lots of pictures and capture those magical moments; (they grow up fast).  Be brave and volunteer to read or assist on a project in the classroom so you experience the “real” feel for Kindergarten.  After all, if it were really that easy, wouldn’t everyone want to be Kinder teacher?!

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