Just who signed me up for this anyway?

True story:  A young learner visits my office the first day of the new school year and every day for the first week so I can explain the child’s “job” here at school.  Each day gets a little better but the child just wants to “check in” with me anyway to see if anything’s changed (not counting the times I venture to the classroom to “spy”).  By Friday, a reward is expected because after all, ” I made it all week.”  There are high-fives, praise, a reward, and personal conversation time.  As we walk back to the classroom to complete the day, the child looks up and comments:  “Okay, Mrs. Van; I get it now.  I have to listen to morning ‘nnouncements.  (Yes)  I have to listen to my teacher and follow ‘structions. (Yes)  I have to eat lunch at school and use the loud hand machines. (Yes)  I have to rest and be quiet. (Yes)  I have to be kind, make friends, and walk in the long hall. (Yes)  Well (with hands on hips), just who signed me up for this anyway?

The first week is always a huge challenge; new faces, rules, procedures, HOT weather, little recess time (because of HOT weather), routines, and the onset of reality.  As parents and adults, we understand the necessity of establishing all these important factors at the beginning; young learners just become overwhelmed with the reality.

It is my sincere hope you and your learner experience the most extraordinary adventure at LaRue Miller Elementary this year.  Please let us know what we can do to serve you both!

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