Math Pentathlon…give me 5!

We have winners everyday here at LaRue Miller Elementary; this past weekend was no exception either.  Over 49 LME learners participated in the annual Math Pentathlon tournament held in Mansfield ISD for Division I (KG/1st) and Division II (2nd/3rd).  This is similar to the “Super Bowl of Math” for those who want the sport analogy.  We announced all our participants names and designations just this morning during announcements…I ran out of breath!  Congrats to all!  I am told by their sponsors and several parents they represented LME and Midlothian ISD so well!  In this picture, you can see Avalon, Presley, and Bryce from 2nd grade getting ready to participate in the next round.

Mathematics Pentathlon is a program of interactive problem-solving games for students in grades K – 7.  This motivational math program supports curriculum and instructional activities while addressing assessment expectations, strengthening basic math concepts and skills, and stimulating creative thinking with problem-solving skills.  There is a strong focus on the conceptual understanding of math.  By using specially-designed games and  activities that carefully differentiate instruction, all students of varying abilities and learning styles can be easily motivated to enJOY math and spend time learning it more effectively.

Our Math Pentathletes sign a “contract of participation” to commit their time and study to math in regular weekly practices with their coach/sponsor as well as special math game nights with other student in our district.  Parents must also participate by learning the required five games and rules at each level so they can assist during practices and tournament day games.  Again, congratulations are in order for these math learners, their classroom leaders, and the parents who ensure these Pentathletes are so successful!  Here’s a big math high-5 for all!  🙂

Spring has sprung…

Yes, as you can see in the picture a student shared with me, spring has sprung a little early!  The energy in our building (along with the change in barometric pressure today) is extremely high.  Not that we’re counting, but only one day to go now.  Don’t forget that tomorrow is M3 Day (Miller Math Mania); we hope you plan to join us . . . .

This time of year reminds me of the Irish saying my Granny B. would often quote:

May you always have enough…

  • Happiness to keep you sweet;
  • Trials to keep you strong;
  • Sorrows to keep you human;
  • Hope to keep you JOYful;
  • Failure to keep you humble;
  • Success to make you eager;
  • Friends to give you comfort;
  • Wealth to meet your needs;
  • Enthusiasm to look for tomorrow;
  • Faith to banish worry, and,
  • Determination to make each day better than the last!

As we get geared up for a well-deserved break, here’s hoping the coming week brings great rest, fun, fellowship, renewal, and extraordinary opportunities to you and your learner.  EnJOY!  🙂

Note:  We are on Spring Break next week (March 12-16).  See you on Mon; March 19th!