Deep breaths…Day #12

“Breathe it all in, Love it all out…”  ~ Mary Oliver

Living through uncertainty and change is a constant challenge in life, especially in 2020! Everyone is navigating a culmination of both in this moment, especially this past week, all while dealing with a new wave of the pandemic. I won’t mediate a conversation on politics, but whether your election weight was lifted or burdened by the results, the uncertainties of what comes next during transition exists, leading us down unknown and ever-changing pathways.

When you’re a recovering control freak like me, worrying about every little thing outside my control is also a constant struggle.  This phenomenon is a direct gene-pool mutation from my  mom, who coined the phrase, “preventative worry.”  Guilt and preventative worry are food groups in our family.  Thankfully, I’ve learned to better identify and accept my response, embrace my reaction, and appreciate how uncertainty is part of my self-care journey each day (even when it’s uncomfortable).  A caveat:  accepting the uncertainty doesn’t mean I’m okay with it or with the situation tied to it, but it allows me space to better explore what it might mean while I check my attitude and effort–the only two things in my control.

Gratefully, my attitude and effort allow me to remember these critical points:

  1. I have the power to care for myself and others during challenging times and during the best of times…
  2. I have the power to pay attention and make space for my feelings and also show up for others as they do the same…
  3. I have the power to speak my truth and then listen when others are sharing their truths…
  4. I have the power to let go when needed even though holding on is often easier…
  5. I have the power to explore outcomes even though being wedded to the outcome is not essential…

Gratefully, you have all these powers too!  Simply breath in and breathe out as best you can.  Dig deep into your well of reserves and ask yourself:

In what ways will I gratefully ‘breathe it all in and love it all out’ today? 

Keep breathing in and out, my friends, and please know I’m sending masked-covered smiles and so much love! 🙂

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