Sprinkle it everywhere…

“Be kind. Be kind. Be kind. Be kind.”  I heard this daily as a child and have done my personal best to remind my own children as well as those in my daily charge.  A student even painted a little sign for our classroom I keep close even today:  “Kindness is free; sprinkle that stuff everywhere, please!”

There is great power in kindness because kindness is a personal choice.  Kindness is a simple gift each one of us can easily afford to give daily.

So, as we get ready to “button up” the most divisive, costly election in American history in an overwhelming year when every human you see could use it…

What will you do to gratefully spread some kindness today?

Here’s hoping we create clever ways to simply overwhelm others and, in turn, help ourselves, in the two things never wasted in this lifetime…love and KINDNESS!  Stay safe, stay strong, and be well, kind friends!  🙂

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