Mothering…day #15

Someone noted:  “In mothering, if you do it right, you work yourself out of a job.”  Thanks to social media, I was blatantly reminded of this fact early this morning, and while I never claim to do anything right, I evidently did this “well enough” to find myself jobless.  I did it “well enough” for us to have a daughter on each coast in fact, creating interesting and fun travel to say the least.

You see, once they hand you the little bundle of JOY you miraculously nurtured in your womb, they never tell you how long the days of raising are or how fast the years fly past.  No instruction manual to read either.  Time, the constant companion on this journey of life, reminds us to cherish each moment because it never comes again.  It’s so challenging to do during the “raising” part of parenting.  In hindsight, we do the best we can in each moment; some are stellar and others, not so much.

As anticipated during this time of year, I quietly ponder and reflect on our family traditions.  Our traditions are those precious family stories we write together.  Although the collection is impressive and unique to each family, everyone can relate in our own way.  Think about your family stories.  What’s one in particular gratefully bringing JOY to you today?   

And to my extraordinary and beloved “little women”… It’s not what you’ve achieved or accomplished so much (though your individual lists ARE impressive), it’s who you’ve become with what’s in your heart and soul.  Our background and circumstances may sometimes influence who we are, but we are responsible for the person we become, and I couldn’t be more proud of you two.  You continue to think deeply, speak gently, laugh lots, work smart, give freely, show kindness, and love much.  As always, you remain my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye.  I’m simply excited to know we are still writing our family story, using new traditions mixed-in with some old ones, while humbly and gratefully being simply, your “ma.”   🙂

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