Grateful to reboot…day one

Yes, it’s been a few weeks since the last post. So much life, yet we all know everything will work again if it’s unplugged for just a bit…

While I missed my usual 40 days before my personal favorite holiday of the year, the next 30 days until Thanksgiving will certainly suffice.  In an effort to jump start this focused season of thanks and giving, these next 30 days are once again about GRATEFULNESS.  As a way to express appreciation, share kindness, and reflectively narrate on the gratitudes of gratefulness, there will once again be one question posted each day, and your participation is encouraged as we reflect together during the Grateful Game.

Personally, being grateful is a feeling of appreciation for a kindness, a welcome experience of gratitude and of thankfulness.  Being authentically grateful brings pleasure and contentment on a level everyone could genuinely use in daily life.  The word itself comes from the Latin derivative, gratus, “showing grace, blessing, and JOY…” Just like daily physical exercise, we must create and cultivate mindful ways to powerfully practice daily gratitude in an effort to recharge and reboot mind, body, and soul.

Day One:   What is ONE thing you are grateful for today, only today?

Me?  REBOOT.  Waking up to a beautifully blue, crystal crisp fall morn following the torrential rains and high winds from the storms of last night, the air is quiet and clean.  The woods have regenerated to start a new day, a new beginning.  My personal battery is recharged and the multitude of worries from yesterday are gone because the blank page in the journal of life is clean, crisp, and ready to unfold a fresh story!

More patience, forgiveness, kindness, understanding, and generosity are the focus.  Perhaps we work to right wrongs, learn from yesterday’s mistakes, listen more, talk less, or put down our phones.  Hope is not lost and mercies are abundant.  Gratefully, another day comes and reboots my sagging spirit, as many times as needed!  And as my favorite Transcendentalist, Henry David Thoreau observed, “I am grateful for what I am and have…my Thanksgiving is perpetual.”   Go ahead; what’s your ONE grateful thing for just today?  🙂

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